What makes a good Thriller? (Comments and discussion welcomed.)

I write Thrillers, which, these days, is a broad (and expanding) genre. What is a first-rate Thriller? To spur discussion, here is an inspiring definition by one of the Masters.

“At their best, Thrillers use scrupulous  research and accurate details in which meaningful characters teach us about our  world. When readers finish a Thriller, they should feel not just emotionally  satisfied, but also better informed – and hungry for the next riveting tale.”

— James Patterson, Author, June 2006

I try to write good stories with interesting science, formidable villains,  and thinking heroes doing their best against the odds and their own human  frailties. I also try to leave my readers with relevant  history and things  to think about. Some novels are good simply because they are tales that  fascinate readers, but some of the best also have useful lessons about good and  evil, triumph and tragedy, etc.

My hope is that readers will enjoy my books, learn something, and  perhaps want to read then twice.

I welcome comments from Thriller readers and Authors. Thank you.

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