Blogforce Call to Action on Federal Journalist Shield Law

The note below inspired me to add a special category to my blog, “Actionable,” reserved for comments that meet the following criteria:

  • The issue has to be timely and bipartisan in nature.
  • It has to be actionable by “normal Americans,” perhaps by signing a petition.
  • It has to be crucial for preserving our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms.
  • It is one likely to be ignored (or suppressed) by the so-called “mainstream” media.

Please feel free to share these issues where FREEDOM WRITERS can possibly make a difference, and to bring them to my attention. Thank you.

There is, at present, a bipartisan attempt in Congress to have the government control and restrict PUBLIC FREE SPEECH for writers, reporters, and bloggers. I think this IS A VERY BAD IDEA. I have signed the petition to oppose this. (See below.)

Here are some of my comments. The full version, along with other blogger comments, is posted at the link below.

Journalist Shield Laws–A VERY BAD IDEA

What our President and some Republican cronies are attempting to do with this legislation is evil. They seek to exploit public outrage and endless rolling crisis (Obama’s “phony scandals”) to attack and erase our basic Unalienable, God-Given Constitutional rights. “We all have these rights. The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward has no more rights than my dentist,” says blogger Jonah Goldberg.

NSA is turning America into a “Total Surveillance State,” a “Prison without walls.” DOJ is lying to judges and committees while bugging reporters and Congress. IRS and many other Federal agencies are being used as political attack dogs, and NOT just against the TEA Parties, against companies like Gibson Guitar, non-profits like True the Vote, and, yes, against journalists and writers. We also have the Benghazi, Extortion 17, and Syria cover-ups. Who dares speak against this? Where is Paul Revere?

The media has totally failed in its traditional 4th Estate role. It has moved beyond bias to being an integral part of Team Obama, a propaganda arm with financial and family connections. The old media is no longer trusted, declining, and becoming irrelevant.

New networks are emerging, from Fox to The Blaze, part of a return to grass roots journalism with powerful new technology. Instead of Thomas Paine and his pamphlets, we now have legions of bloggers, writers, PACs, and informal networks, most of us seeking to spread truth, each in our own way. America is seeing a new awakening. The embers of freedom still burn.

This threatens Washington insiders, the power elites in both parties. They don’t want to face investigations, arrests, and impeachments. Instead of enforcing existing laws, they seek to pass new laws and empower bureaucracies to ration freedom and circumvent the Constitution.

The proposed “Shield Laws” are just one more attempt to create classes of Government Given Rights to favor insiders and to replace the God Given Rights endowed to ALL Americans by our Creator.

Our rights come from God, not from any government, and we cede these at our peril. “Those who seek safety by giving up Liberty will wind up with neither.”


Blogforce Call to Action on Federal Journalist Shield Law

Victoria Taft, Broadcaster of the Year 2010, Oregon!

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