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DeLayTom DeLay: Take outrage to Democrats

Ex-congressman says Americans ‘cannot rest’ in fight for freedoms

Americans, if they don’t want to lose their liberties and freedom, will have to take a stand against the Democrat behemoth that has been assembled to crush opponents and forge a socialist-leaning society in place of the republic the founders set up.

That’s according to ex-Rep. Tom DeLay, who just days ago saw his conviction for money laundering thrown out by an appellate court that said the charges never should have been filed.

The Texas Third Circuit Court of Appeals said prosecutors simply did not show that he broke the law in fundraising procedures during the 2002 election cycle, and Judge Melissa Goodwin specifically noted, “the evidence shows that the defendants were attempting to comply with the election code limitations on corporations.”

The justices agreed, “The evidence was legally insufficient to sustain DeLay’s convictions.” They ordered him acquitted of all charges.

In an interview Tuesday with WND, DeLay confirmed the charges were politically motivated, the Democrats ran a politically motivated grand jury, and the convictions were politically motivated.

But he lost his seat in Congress, most of the opportunities of a former congressman, and endured the threat of possible jail time looming over him and his family for years – all because of the hatred of the Democrats who pursued him.

He said that means unless something changes – and changes significantly – other conservative politicians have that threat constantly looming over them.

“I can’t tell you the number of people who have come to me for advice on running for office,” he told WND. “When they find out what happened to me, they have declined to run.

“They’re not going to put their family through that.”

The result, he said, is that America is losing the service of talented, thoughtful politicians who are staying out of the fray for fear they will be accused, charged, and convicted of something they didn’t even do.

“Part of that’s happening right now as we speak,” he said. “There are Republicans that are afraid to stick their head out, they won’t do it because they can’t afford to have it knocked.”

Blame it on Democrats, he said, who have “a strategy of criminalizing politics.”

He cited several far-left leaning organizations, such as Media Matters and CREW, to take some of the blame for the attacks he endured.

“This started in ’96, one year after the Republicans took the majority in the House,” he said. “The DCCC announced publicly they were going to get me.”

Charges came in 1998, then again in 2000, and again in 2002, and it wasn’t until 2005 that an indictment was released.

Talk-radio icon Rush Limbaugh took to the airwaves recently to explain how that happened.

“There were eight grand juries. It took [prosecutor] Ronnie Earle eight grand juries to find one that would return an indictment. That was how weak and insufficient the evidence was. And so the Democrats found a way to take him out politically ’cause they couldn’t beat him at the ballot box. And they got their grand jury and they got their indictment and then they got their trial and they got another jury and they got their convictions. And the minute the convictions came in, DeLay and his lawyers said we’re gonna get this reversed, all of this is bogus. The media threw parties of celebration. The Democrats were celebrating.”

Limbaugh explained the Democrats’ hatred.

“Tom DeLay’s nickname was ‘The Hammer.’ The Democrats thought that was very bad. He was nicknamed ‘The Hammer’ because DeLay had magic when it came time to corral votes on the Republican side in the House of Representatives, starting back in 1995 when the Republican freshman class was sworn in and they assumed control of the House for the first time in 40 years, Tom DeLay was the whip. Tom DeLay got the votes. He was nicknamed ‘The Hammer,’ and because he was so good, he was unapologetically good, Tom DeLay did not worry about compromise or making the Democrats feel good or not hurting their feelings or working with them or any of that. He was hated.

“Tom DeLay was despised because he was good. He had his enemies on the Republican side as well, later on. Tom DeLay came to Congress from a job as an exterminator. He ran a bug control company in Houston, the Sugar Land section of Texas, of Houston. So he knew well how to get rid of insects and vermin and other things. The perfect thing to do would be to go to Congress. But he was good at it, and the Democrats hated him. And so they attempted to criminalize the kinds of things that DeLay did to help Republicans get elected, to help himself get elected. And so they found a partisan prosecutor in Texas by the name of Ronnie Earle who kept shopping and shopping and shopping for a grand jury that would indict DeLay. He had trouble finding a grand jury from whom he could get a majority vote to indict.”

DeLay told WND the charges were as frivolous “as you could get.”

He said that he never worried about his reputation, because of his faith. The Bible says, he quoted, that “any man that waits on the Lord will not be put to shame.”

But Americans, he warned, “need to be outraged at the abuse of power.”

“Second, they need to take it out on the Democrats. I mean, if they have a Democrat congressman, ask him, point blank, does he subscribe to this strategy,” he said.

He said the behemoth that Americans must defeat to maintain the republic is awesome in size and influence.

“The left has put together the most powerful political coalition in history. Obama’s campaign, now Organizing for America … Media Matters, CREW, all work together. CREW comes up with dirt, Media Matters drives it into the media. We don’t have anything like that,” he said.

“All the conservatives complain about the bias of the media, but they don’t do anything to hold them accountable,” he continued.

“If you value freedom, you cannot rest.”

Limbaugh also had a warning about Democrats – for Republicans.

“They [Republicans] just didn’t like all the talk about Republicans being corrupt. They found it easier to throw DeLay overboard than to defend him. If you look back at press accounts at the time DeLay stepped down, a lot of Republicans are quoted as being glad. They said, ‘Now we can put all of this behind us,’ and that’s still the thinking. You know, Republicans say, ‘Well, let’s go ahead and let Obama have the debt limit and we’ll put that behind us, and then we’ll really tackle ‘em on the debt ceiling,’ and then when the debt ceiling comes up? ‘We’ll let ‘em have it the debt ceiling. We can’t win this one. We’ll get that behind us, and we’ll really take it to ‘em on the sequester.’ It’s the same old philosophy. ‘Well, we need to put this behind us. We need to put this tax business behind us. We need to put the DeLay business behind us.’ We had a lot of Republicans being quoted as saying they were glad DeLay was stepping down, because now they could put it all behind ‘em. They wouldn’t have to worry about being attacked as corrupt anymore – and, of course, once DeLay stepped down, the whole party became corrupt, as far as the Democrats were concerned.”

Shortly after DeLay left, the Democrats were running the House.

“From that point out, the Iraq war was in peril and the Bush administration effectively over. The public was convinced we were in a recession, and, ‘Hello, Barack Obama.’ That’s pretty much it, folks,” said Limbaugh.


JDT note: I actually met and spoke with Tom DeLay recently when I was doing book signings at an event in Oregon for my novel Privacy Wars. I think his story is a good example of “Profiles in Courage.” Regardless of one’s party, I think we need more people speaking truth to power. It’s not about the LEFT or the RIGHT, it is about abuse of power.

A good book that speaks to this topic in general is Bullies, by Shapiro.

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