The Plan to Collapse Western Nation States by Forced Migration

For some time now I have been giving “sneak peeks” for my readers into what I have been thinking about putting into my next novel, both in interviews and my periodic (free) newsletters.

It is time that I put these thoughts and plans on my blog. I welcome your comments.

What you see in this post is the worldview that will be reflected as background in my coming novels. My tales are images of the eternal conflict between good and evil.

My characters resist evil with courage and skill, sometimes with violence, often fighting against the odds. The new form of Global Conflict and the emergence of the Deep State as a powerful, dangerous part of government makes the stakes higher than ever. Link.

The core concept that frames my stories is that the world — our world — is at War, but a war NOT like WWI, WWII, and not even like Vietnam and the Cold War. It’s a war that is raging, causing death and carnage, but one that few fully understand, some conceal, and many deny.

Propaganda over News

This reality is denied and concealed by Fake News. The truth is that the old 4th Estate (and the trusted honest reporters of yore that kept government honest) is long gone.

Here’s why: The laws were changed to allow propaganda to be reported as fact without consequences.

Lying is legal. Personal attacks and false charges (identity politics vs. debating issues and coming together) to silence critics and crush truth are now common, as is the censorship of patriotic views.

There are two major aspects of this war.

One aspect is Information War, 4 D warfare, extremely sophisticated, pervasive, effective propaganda. This is effectively a Civil War that divides and confuses the public. We have a Shadow Government. Link.

Military Intelligence meets Social Media

Here is an excellent book that discusses that: 4D Warfare: A Doctrine for a New Generation of Politics Link.

The other major aspect is a conquest of Western Nations (and now America) by forced migration.

What the world has been experiencing since Benghazi is the most brutal and successful form of invasion known — the Muslims call it Hijrah, migration jihad. It has been around for millennia.

The Mongols under Genghis Khan started it around 1200 AD, mass carnage that caused a flood of refugees which spread chaos, panic, plague, and death. He was responsible for the deaths of some 40 million people, more than Hitler or Stalin, this at a time when world population was small. Plague-ridden refugees were used as bioweapons.

The Mongols used migration invasion against the Muslims. Bad move. Muslims were just as ruthless, and they did it better. My novel Soft Target about a bioweapons attack has that history. My story turned real in a way I didn’t expect.

We still quarantine animals and plants, but now allow infected people into America without screening. Some are walking bioweapons. Old diseases are back.

So is forced migration. Muslims annihilated the Mongols and made Hijrah (migration jihad) central to their religion. In the 7th century, Muslims used it to conquer 2/3 of the world in just a few decades. It took 500 years for the Crusades to roll that back. Link. Link.

The ancient evil of conquest by forced migration is back. It is “fundamentally changing” the world. Nation States are being toppled and replaced with what is called the “New World Order” or “Deep State.” Link.

We are told this is good. Here is the #MAGA upgrade to the Washington Post Superbowl advertisement that tried to make a flood of illegals appeal as the “new normal.”

That was the propaganda part. Benghazi and ISIS led the invasion part.

Benghazi was the first move in a plan to force massive migration, though few mention that ugly truth, and no one has as of yet been held accountable. The Deep State collapsed Libya, killed Americans, and ran weapons up through Turkey into Syria where ISIS was formed and trained.

Benghazi to Syria

The result was called the “Arab Spring” (aka, Islamic Winter) which saw genocide and the greatest flood of refugees in all of history. Essentially, most of Europe was “fundamentally transformed.” This is still ongoing and in many countries (e.g., Britain who once saved the world from Hitler) it now is a crime to speak about Fake News or Islamic violence. Rape and violence is “the new normal.”

The focus and nexus of this global destabilization centered on Syria. Benghazi led to ISIS, which started in Aleppo, Syria with American support from the Obama Administration.

ISIS prospered for a time. It rushed into Iraq, seized the weapons we left there, and soon dominated most of the region, even into Africa. This lasted until Trump took office.

Military experts now call Syria “the chessboard.” Every major player in the world is there: America, Russia, China, Iran, all the Gulf States, the UN, George Soros, the New World Order, Israel, and more.

Hillary’s Plan

Note: Hillary and Kerry bungled. They expected that ISIS would quickly topple the Assad government in Syria. That didn’t happen (well duh!) because Russia intervened to protect its own strategic interests. Syria now hosts Russia’s best warm-water deep port (suitable for nuclear vessels) and a major Russian airbase.

Russia needed Syria’s port of Tartus to replace its warm-water port in Ukraine’s Sevastopol (which they want back and are working to get). Putin easily outmaneuvered Obama to get what he wanted. Link.

Note: The connection between Syria and Russia as pivotal in Global Conflict is almost spooky. This was long ago noticed by Best-Selling novelist Joel Rosenberg in his books (Implosion, Epicenter 2.0, Damascus Countdown, The Ezekiel Option, etc.).

Walls make good neighbors.

Rosenberg talks about how the innocent bloodshed in Syria is setting the stage for terrible judgment that includes the battle of Ezekiel 38/39 and Armageddon.

I personally do not go that far. I am frankly more interested in this invasion strategy for the Western Hemisphere as a major threat to America. With that said, I do think Rosenberg’s novels are worth reading.

I believe it is prudent that America builds a wall as a National Security priority. A nation without borders is not a nation.

That’s a reality you’ve glimpsed dimly in my Raven’s novels. What’s new is that this tactic, this invasion, has reached the Western Hemisphere. It started, little noticed, with Eric Holder running guns into Mexico with “Fast and Furious.” It expanded when Obama embraced Cuba. It’s now operational. It’s here.

The Deep State Plan — Connecting the DotsPowerful forces are building a new chessboard in a once-wealthy failed state, Venezuela. The invasion caravans in recent news are funded though there. (Unnoticed, John Kerry abolished the Monroe Doctrine. It’s now “fair game” to bring foreign systems of government to our hemisphere.)

“So what?”

What does this have to do with my next novel? I plan to send Raven and Josie across the border to fight evil. Latin America is now the most violent place in the world, the murder capital of the world, with 400 killings per day according to the Wall Street Journal. Link

Mexico is close to being a failed state itself:

“Few seem to appreciate that Mexico is increasingly demonstrating the classic manifestations of a Failed State. That vast areas of the country are Drug Cartel controlled, states within states, is more than ominous. The attendant violence is unimaginable to the American people who are kept in the dark by the MSM as to reveal the truth would conflict with the PC image of the benign “undocumented migrant,” simply yearning for a better life.

This plague of violence includes the regular practices of death by skinning alive, immersion in acid, hacking with machetes, burned alive and beheading. To leave the desired impression; headless bodies are hung from bridges, body parts are scattered on roads and dozens of heads are left in great piles in public places. The shocking truth is that there are now more decapitations in Mexico each year than in all the Middle East, North Africa and Afghanistan combined. Mexico also leads the world in murder of Journalists, policemen, judges and mayors.

This Reign of Terror has enabled the Cartels to operate with virtual impunity and results in more drug smuggling, human trafficking and violent criminal activity directed into the US. It also facilitates the entry of Islamic terrorist groups, especially Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda associated organizations.

“The Mexican government is not in control of vast areas of their country. If they were, the high visibility murder of tourists in Cancun, Acapulco and Cabo San Lucas, that has devastated Mexico’s important tourism industry, would not be allowed.”

Hacked Docs Expose Soros-Obama-UN Refugee Invasion Network

Secret internal reports and memos by one of George Soros’s left-wing front groups reveals the socialist billionaire’s subversive reach within the Obama administration, the United Nations, and the governing structures European Union, especially as it relates to the manufactured refugee/migration crisis.


Private Source

Wall Street Journal has been running excellent articles about the violence in Mexico. Here are some links, but you will need a subscription to WSJ to read the full articles. Link1. Link2. Some say that Cuba holds the keys to Venezuela. Cuba reportedly has over 100,000 military and security agents there, in addition to controlling tens of thousands of armed and trained gang members. (Source: WSJ.) Link.

Important Note: Venezuela is in collapse, without power and food. My sources (and some in the media) report that, for the most part, the forces using violence to support the dictator, crush protests,  and block relief efforts are NOT the Venezuelan Military or Police. They are the Cuban police and paramilitary groups.

I have much research to do. This is a danger zone, a war zone, perhaps the most dangerous place on the planet. For access and safety I will have to go as part of a group tasked and equipped to safely deal with actual national security issues. Arranging that will take time.


There are other issues. Public awareness is one. Americans mostly want a wall, but many still don’t comprehend that invasion and Civil War is a real threat to America.

We are compassionate by nature. Fake News misleads. We’ve been blessed with safety for too long.

Reality is optional for the radical left.”

Dr. Seb Gorka

THIS WAS A MOST INTERESTING SPEECH. Verifiable, posted with no edits, and, to me, credible. No wonder the Deep State and and Democrats, with their Fake Dossier and Russia Hoax, are so frantic to prevent President Trump from speaking with Putin.

In 2014, President Obama named the three major threats to US national security; ISIS, Russia and Ebola (because spiraling national debt, unequal distribution of wealth, over-incarceration, climate change etc are less pressing issues.) It would be fair to say that Russian politicians took much offense to being placed in this list, next to a terror organization and a disease. In relation to this statement, Putin answers a number of questions from a US journalist at the Valdai International Discussion Club, late 2014.

The Border Invasion is real, weaponized, and a threat to America’s National Security.

Heavily Armed Men Escort Migrants Across U.S. Border, Surveillance Video Shows

At present, I am hopeful that I will be able to proceed with my next novel. There are credible plans that would allow our borders to be secured. Despite desperate resistance from the radical left, based on #SOTU2019 it seems that positive action to defend our borders, including a wall, has broad support. Link.

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11 Responses to The Plan to Collapse Western Nation States by Forced Migration

  1. john1994hero says:

    President Trump is doing a magnificent job, winning against the odds and a Fake News that bashes everything he does (or doesn’t do) 24/7.

    His Republican colleagues in Congress, not so much…..

  2. john1994hero says:

    The invasion route targeting our Southern Border is DANGEROUS. Even the leftist media reports that Mexico is now the most dangerous place in the world.

  3. john1994hero says:

    “Shit is getting super real in Cuba/Venezuela right now. Two separate sources confirmed Chinese military in and around the area… U.S. Military is on the move and many getting deployed to GITMO as a response.”

    Private Source, 3/20/2019

  4. john1994hero says:

    Tijuana ranked as the most violent city in the world, top 4 located in Mexico, report says.

  5. john1994hero says:

    I wonder if the Fake News will report this? What side will our Democratic Socialists take?

  6. john1994hero says:

    Um, it might be a good time for the radical left to ENCOURAGE President Trump and stop obstructing him from doing his job? Naw. That hopes for too much.

  7. john1994hero says:

    The Shape of Things to Come: South of the Border: ISIS and Hezbollah

  8. john1994hero says:

    Just out interview from my friend General Paul Vallely. Spot on, in my opinion.

    Topics range from Iran’s ambitions to Benghazi and the Russia Hoax. His point: We need to get back to the rule of law if we are to get our government functioning again. This needs to happen now. We need the culprits, the Traitors, held accountable.

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