ObamaCare: “It’s Time to Fight Back on Healthcare.”

Fellow Americans, Friends, readers, and conservatives:

We all know that ObamaCare was termed a “Train Wreck,” even by some of the senior Democrats who helped pass it.

“The end always justifies the means……… A lie is not a lie if it serves the greater good and furthers our cause.”

 Karl Marx

“Healthcare is the cornerstone of the socialist state.”

Vladimir Lenin (see: commanding heights)

ObamaCare was never about improving health care. It was about control and wealth redistribution. And, as the lavish Federal subsidies fade, this is becoming obvious.

  •  We all know that a majority of the public has ALWAYS opposed this bill. And that opposition and concern has been increasing ever since it was passed.
  • We all know that this was the only major civil rights legislation ever passed in America without ANY bipartisan support.
  • We know that Congress voted on ObamaCare without having read it. And that even reading it after the fact has proven to be an exercise in futility. Experts are baffled.
  • We all know that Obama’s “You can keep your doctor if you like your doctor,” was deemed the “lie of the year” for 2014.
  • We all know that Obama has been using his pen to constantly change this law, and that this and the law itself has resulted in a constant steam of lawsuits working their way to the Supreme Court.
  • We all know about Gruber’s chortling (now public, see the videos) of how the “Stupid” American public was tricked into giving up their old “best in the world” health care.
  • We all know that rates for health care are high and that major increases are coming. And that those who fail to buy health care will be taxed.
  • We all know that the Republicans have been promising to fix or repeal ObamaCare, but have failed so far to deliver on their promises.
  • The worst is yet to come. The ObamaCare core, a shared database run by the IRS  containing all your health, tax, financial, and other records. The KGB and Gestapo would have been proud, and hackers all over the world will be gleeful.
  • Most of us know that choosing and securing high quality, affordable health care is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for yourself and your family.

Health care is a mess, and, despite fierce resistance, we can expect it will get worse. There are many groups fighting ObamaCare: Judicial Watch, United States Justice Foundation, CATO Institute, Competitive Enterprise Institute, all of the various conservative groups, and most — but not all — of the Republican Party.

What no one knows — including me!!! — is what the future holds, and what to do. I’m personally blessed with resources, friends who are doctors, and a professional insurance broker to help steer us though choices that are already so convoluted that they make your brain hurt. We’re surviving, but this is only the beginning.

Remember Sarah Palin’s ridiculed Death Panels? Rationing is designed into ObamaCare.

For these reasons and more, I was delighted when one of the radio hosts who interviews me for my Thriller novels — Ruth Bryant White — told me she had finally “bit the bullet” and launched a business to help those who had problems and concerns with their health care choices, especially young people.

Ruth told me that she and her colleagues have found some loopholes to work around ObamaCare. They have set up a CO-OP Foundation to provide commercial health care services. I have no connection or financial interest in this business, but I do think health care is a major and increasing concern for Americans. The only real solution will be the repeal and replacement of ObamaCare, but this CO-OP may help as interim measure.

Can't Afford ObamaCare

Can’t Afford ObamaCare

So here is one more option for you to consider. If you are content with your present situation (I am), by all means stick with it. If not, I suggest you might want to check this out. To help you do this, I have provided contact information below as a public service to conservative, concerned, Americans. This plan is designed for the large and growing group of Americans who cannot afford ObamaCare.

I applaud entrepreneurship, freedom, and personal choice, so do take a look. Again, I am doing this as a public service. Each situation is likely unique, so ONLY YOU can decide what is best for you and your family. Good luck to you, may God Bless America in these dangerous difficult times.

I hope this works. I wish you, Ruth, and her team the best of success.



Contact : Nohl Rosen                                                                          Immediate Release

1.480.980.8541                                                                      May 28, 2015


Super Stars In Conservative Movement To Share w/ Tea Party Movement to Sign on

To $25 A Month

#                                         #                                     #

Super Stars Lloyd Marcus, (Best known for The Tea Party Express and Sarah Palin Promotional Leader)  and

Kuuleme T. Stephens,  the Knock out Political Advocate, Co-Founder of The Last Civil Right, Writer, Speaker, Author, and Radio Personality

(520)304-8876 and email is kuuleme_69@yahoo.com http://www.thelastcivilright.org , (best known for being a collaborator and lightening rod with Fox News Contributor Deneen Borelli), model Justice Lee, and Executive Producer of the hit Grassroots Movie “Runaway Slave,” CL Bryant, and

John D Trudel: Award winning author of Raven’s Run, Raven’s Redemption, Soft Target, Privacy Wars and more, are spreading the news about a new Healthcare system specifically designed to bring back Middle America.

This plan has been constantly updated since 2006.  People were waiting to see if the “Affordable Healthcare Act” would live up to its name. That question will be answered by CEO and Creator of the CO-OP Foundation, Ruth Bryant White, who says “Our 100% Healthcare Now CO-OP Foundation is ready for primetime.”

Companies are expressing real interest in the 100% Healthcare Now CO-OP Foundation. Even its members have jumped on board to spread the word about its benefit. Kuuleme hopes candidates on both sides of the aisles will bring hope back into America Life.

  • For Businesses who can match Healthcare Payments:  100% Healthcare Now can bring back profits to companies who were forced to lay off workers or cut back on hours.
  • For Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners &  Independent Contractors like Tutors, Amway, Avon, Mary Kay Distributors, Hair Salon Stylists, Mechanics, and more, 100% Healthcare Now  is the perfect plan for them, because their income is not always the same.
  • $25 A Month per Adult, $10 A Month per Child under 18 Years of Age and $8 A month for each Household Pet.
  • For 50+ Working it’s a great Medicare Supplement
  •  History of Healthcare CO-OP’s since 1796 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_cooperative_movement

How does it work? CO-OP gives the answers on its site and CEO, Mother, Grandmother and Entrepreneur Ruth Bryant White is available for interviews or questions. For Small Business and/or Pet Questions, contact VP of Field Operations, Nohl Rosen or Financial Guru and Nationally Licensed Enrolled and Tax Agent, Terry Stephens of Husky Tax Service AZ.

To sign up, go to: info@100percenthealthcarenow.com or call 1-844-839-7150. New Members can check out the site for themselves at www.100percenthealthcarenow.com

This plan will revitalize America, bring jobs back, and bring lots of financial relief to families who cannot afford the mandated Healthcare Plans available now. 100% Healthcare Now is not insurance, it’s assurance with neighbor helping neighbor and people helping people through  Healthcare Savings. This type of plan works with “Sheer Volume”, which means massive numbers of people signing up. Empower Yourself and save.

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