Defund Obama’s Muslim Invasion (and Planned Parenthood)

UN And Feds Coordinating Islamic Invasion Of America – Muslim Covert Operation To Take Over US. Hijrah.

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The Center for Security Policy is blowing the lid off of a covert program of Muslim invasion that has been going on in the United States for roughly thirty-five years. The United Nations, as usual is behind this anti-American effort, in conjunction with the Muslim supremacist group the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

The spokesperson, Ann Corcoran, describes how she first became aware of the assault on America seven years ago when a supposed religious group dropped off approximately 200 third world Muslim “refugees” in her community, and with them the associated problems of support and the strain on services, with no consent or coordination with the locals. As a result she started investigating.

What she discovered is chilling.  She notes, “Not surprisingly, a large number of US bound refugees are coming from countries with large numbers of people who hate us, including Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and soon from Syria.”

The process continues as “The US State Department then distributes the refugees to nine major federal contractors, six of which are so-called religious charities, but all are largely funded from the US Treasury, at a cost of $1 billion annually. That figure does not include the extensive welfare benefits provided by the US citizens to their new, uninvited and unwelcome guests.

The “refugees” are dispersed to 190 cities across the country through a network of 350 anti-American subcontractors, with the relatives of the current group then petitioned and the cycle repeated. It’s called the Hijrah, a mandated Islamic resettlement of the world to spread their beliefs and to force Sharia Law upon all people of the world.

Ms. Corcoran notes the model that Europe is providing us which glaringly illustrates the trouble that lies in store if we continue down this path.

The pace of this invasion is escalating, with Jihadi Jeh Johnson declaring his intention to import almost a quarter of a million Islamists over the next two years. By any definition that is a hostile invasion. Allowing hijrah is sheer madness and must stop immediately.

Enough of the humanitarian bologna – We’ve got a country to save. This is Hijrah.

Credit: I’m Rick Wells – a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. I’m not PC; I call it like I see it. – Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit &

Leftist Sanctuary Cities

Leftist Sanctuary Cities

Great speech by Ted Cruz about Kate’s Law to end Sanctuary Cities. Link.


For more about Migration Jihad, see this Link.

For more about how #hijrah is being funded, see the post below that details  and documents how it is done for Planned Parenthood. Essentially, this is legal money laundering, a scheme that generates “donations” for Democrats (and a few Republicans) in exchange for Federal funding.


BEWARE THE OBAMA/UN STRONG CITIES PROGRAM. As political correctness and civil unrest take their toll, the plan is to have the UN come in to “help” with a “Muslim supportive” and “thug sensitive” global police force — worldwide, including in America.

Eighteen large-city mayors have already joined the Orwellian-named “Strong Cities Network,” with New York City and Chicago leading the parade. If this idiocy comes to your city, just say no.

Radical Mosques in America: Is There One Near You?

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