Stonewalled — My 5-star Amazon Review of an excellent book.

5.0 out of 5 stars Obama Administration Tyranny from the eyes of an honest, seasoned liberal reporter. A must read. Highly recommended., November 16, 2014
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This review is from: Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington (Kindle Edition)

Obama Administration Tyranny from the eyes of an honest, seasoned liberal reporter. The Obama Throne sits on layers of lies, and here is a resounding testimonial from a respected reporter who worked in the Obama-friendly old media. Our Republic was designed to be “By and For the People” and this cannot work without honest objective reporting that the public can trust. We’ve not had that. The old media is, effectively, part of Team Obama.

This book is worth reading if only for its disclosure of the Benghazi lies and cover-up. Thank God, though it took two years, we FINALLY have a select committee investigating this. How that came to pass is as unprecedented and stunning as the spectacle of liberal reporters finally being pushed past their limits and testifying, speaking truth to power, and now suffering personal “Saul Alinsky” style attacks from the radical left.

Another group that dared to act is Special Operations Speaks, co-founded by a personal friend, Captain Larry Bailey, USN retired. Larry used to command the SEALs and you can find his blurb on the back cover of my novel Soft Target. Soft Target : A Cybertech Thriller

SOS is a PAC group that now consists of over 1,000 SPEC OPs VETs. Google Special Operations Speaks for bios, info, and issues.

Highly recommended. Read the book.

John D. Trudel writes Award Winning Thrillers including Raven’s Run, Soft Target, Privacy Wars, and God’s House.

Above is a link to this review on the Amazon website. If you look at the “comments” under this review, you will note a systematic attack by a small group of leftist trolls on  my novels, as well as any author who dares to write books, write positive reviews, or post blogs critical of the policies they favor. At present, the designated attack troll on Amazon for this book (Stonewalled) is “Hollister.”
More of these attacks can be found under my own Amazon authors page. At present, the designated attack troll for my novels is “Tony.” Similar attacks have been ongoing for over a year, with a focus on discrediting the Awards and positive reviews my Thriller novels have received. If you like my books, positive reviews on Amazon and voting down spiteful troll posts would be appreciated. Here is how to easily post a review on Amazon. Thank you.
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