The Cuba Speech: Beyond Amnesty and the end of the Monroe Doctrine

The reminder of Obama’s reign will be as ugly and confrontational as he can make it. His new motto in the private speeches he is giving is, “They can’t stop us.”

Despite concerns, few pundits and critics seem to “get it.” The note below from sees the beginning of a major new Foreign Policy. Obama’s foreign policies have been an unbroken string of major failures.

Recall, Obama’s reign started with an odd “apology tour” and with him bowing to Muslim Kings. Most dismissed this as politeness on the part of an inexperienced amateur, but it was not. It was scripted radical left policy, part of the “Fundamental Change” Obama promised.

His Foreign Policy went downhill from there. Benghazi happened, Americans died, Iraq fell, and radical Islam is ascendant. America is no longer trusted by our friends or feared by our enemies.

Obama’s “Cuba Speech” should be seen as a major red flag: He stands exposed as the first “Post-American” (read Anti-American) President.

Obama just said to Cuban’s “We are all Americans.” It was a strange comment that was part of an apology for an American colonization that never happened. The Cubans are neither American citizens, nor Americans. They live on an island. They are no more, or less, Americans than are say, the Iranians, Russians, Kenyans, or anyone else. That’s the nonsense part.

Here’s the scary part: For 200 years, the Keystone of American foreign policy in the Western Hemisphere has been the Monroe Doctrine. It alone prevented and rolled-back colonization and foreign military presence in this hemisphere. In 1962 President John Kennedy went to the brink of nuclear war to ensure there would not be Russian bases or missiles in Cuba. The Cuban Missile Crisis was as defining for America as the 9/11 attacks.

Kennedy prevailed in preventing a Soviet Presence, but it was a near thing. In the end, he tolerated Cuba as an independent Communist state held in isolation and political quarantine. He promised not to invade.

It was an uneasy compromise, but it resulted in a stalemate that 8 American Presidents have now supported. The stalemate held for 50 years with Cuba a failed state on life support from Communist nations, and with America waiting for the aged Castros to die and their totalitarian state to collapse. Time was on our side.

Until Obama. His Cuba speech is a signal that we can consider that gone. He just tore down the wall around Cuba. He bypassed Congress (again) and stared a political fight, perhaps a Constitutional crisis.

Immediately after Obama’s startling speech there was speculation that this would lead to the closure of GITMO that Obama has long desired, and rejoicing from Cubans that Obama’s illegal “Amnesty” would extend to them, along with “free stuff.” These points will be argued, but tearing down this wall starts larger dominos falling.

Consider Obama’s Post American era:

  • Russian weapons and military bases in Cuba? Almost inevitable, and probably before Obama leaves office.
  • How about Iranian bases and weapons in this hemisphere? Why not? In Obama’s view, they are Americans too.
  • China? For sure. They already own the Panama Canal.

What more we can expect? A lot, I think, and little of it good. From ISIS to Iran, from Boston to Benghazi, and from North Korea to the Crimea,  Obama’s Post-American Foreign Policy is a signal of surrender to America’s enemies. The Guest Post below makes good reading.

Obama says, “They can’t stop us.” I hope he’s wrong.


What the President just did establishes once and for all that Obama is “Post-American” and the ramifications for our country are potentially devastating.

As is his pattern, Obama took a totally unilateral action in announcing the normalization of relations with Cuba. It was bad enough that he made a horrible deal in giving up three criminal terrorists. But the “exchange” was just a cover or his real agenda — his “post-American” agenda.

Every American should be offended by both Obama’s words and his actions!

Getting nothing in return, Obama gave in to all of Cuba’s demands for “normalization” while spitting on more than 50 years of successful U.S. foreign policy designed to bring a dictatorial regime just 90 miles from our border to its knees. History will show that Obama “snatched defeat from the jaws of victory” — with the Castro regime on its last legs, Obama gave in.

But he didn’t really “give in.” He willingly and aggressively implemented his post-American agenda!

Just take a look at what Obama said in his announcement. It was as if the Castro regime had written Obama’s speech! Consider these three points:

1. Obama blamed the U.S. for the last 50 years. He said our policies have “failed” and had “little effect.” He intentionally highlighted the “Bay of Pigs” invasion without mentioning the missile crisis. Obama announced that we have failed, with no mention of any benefit of 50+ years of U.S policy that has kept America safe and pushed the Castro regime to the stone ages.

2. Obama equated our “sins” with communism. First, he gave credence to the false Marxist view that the West (i.e. United Kingdom and the U.S.) has been wrongfully imposing its values on the world — what the liberal elites and Marxists call “colonization.” Then he equated colonization with communism! In Obama’s world, we are no better than the tyrant dictators of Marxism who imprison and murder their political opponents, oppress their people and kill those who try to leave! Look at what Obama said:

Let us leave behind the legacy of both colonization and communism…. A future of greater peace, security and democratic development is possible if we work together — not to maintain power, not to secure vested interest, but instead to advance the dreams of our citizens.

3. Obama announced the Post-American world. This was not a minor speech. Obama had an agenda. Let’s be clear: the “prisoner exchange” was not part of any “deal” on normalization. We heard of no concessions or changes from the Castro regime in order to trigger normalization. Obama was simply announcing his Post-American world. This announcement goes far beyond Cuba to his Executive Amnesty. Here’s what Obama said (in Spanish):

Todos somos Americanos.

Translation: “We are all Americans.”

How could a President of the United States stand up and proclaim that “We Are All Americans”? Because this president is “Post-American”! He views America and the world through a post-American lens in which our military is weakened, our global influence is reduced and our borders are erased. America is just another player with no greater political, economic, legal, military or moral authority on the world’s stage. In fact, we are more guilty for the world’s ills than other countries!


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