The utter failure of our political class to respond to mortal danger

The utter failure of our political class to respond to mortal danger

Nations are much like living organisms.  One fundamental function of life is to tell the difference between friends and foes.  When a nation fails to do that it will soon die.

For more than two centuries the United States has known how to tell friend from foe, because we’ve had a robust sense of identity — we understood how “a nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal” would be tested over and over again, by enemies foreign and domestic, to see “whether any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure.”

The West today is infected with a psychic parasite, the parasite of the radical Left that rose to power starting in the 1960s.  Simultaneously, media ownership in the US has become concentrated in a handful of Big Corporations with no visible love or loyalty to the United States.

After politically primitive Persian Gulf nations became obscenely rich starting in the 1970s with the OPEC oil monopoly, the parasite of Islamic reactionary indoctrination combined with radical leftism into a new “Red Black” alliance, so that Europe imported what are now 44 million Muslims from backward political cultures to serve as welfare-dependency votes for the Left.

Recent media exposures show that Pakistani Muslims in the UK also imported criminal habits like massive child sexual abuse, “honor killings,” and ethnic hatreds that the West has not seen since the Nazis.  For years the most prestigious “news organ” in the world, the BBC, was literally run by a politically powerful child-abuse ring, led by children’s program presenter Jimmy Savile — but by no means only him.  Estimates of the number of sexually abused children at the BBC range above a thousand.  That is only possible in a closed culture that operates by secrecy and blackmail to maintain its power.  For years, Hollywood was run by a similar pedophile-and-blackmail network. New exposures in the English town of Rotherham show another Pakistani child abuse ring with 1,400 young victims.  The London Parliament has not been immune to this Black Plague either.  Other European countries have had similar invasion of Muslim badlands culture into the West.  Massive pedophile rings can easily be used for blackmail by enemy intelligence agencies, the way the KGB recruited homosexual rings in Cambridge in the 1930s.

The “Cambridge Spies” essentially exposed all British secrets to Moscow starting in the 1930s.  Because pedophilia has been commonly practiced in Muslim history, importing reactionary Muslim jihadist cults from Arabia and Pakistan necessarily means the import of all their “cultural habits.” Because the West throws such criminals in jail, pedophile gangs give natural fodder for political blackmail.

That may be why Britain is one leading example of Western political paralysis in the face of clear and present danger.  The UK has witnessed an astonishing rise in Islamic political power in a very short period of time — a male-dominated political culture that utterly rejects British and American tradition.

The United States shows a similar rapid rise in Muslim power grabs, both domestically and especially in foreign affairs.  Domestically, “multiculturalism” imposed a massive taboo on the American people, who were no longer allowed to be critical of media-boosted “victim” groups.  Muslim power seekers were the beneficiaries of a phony campaign against “Islamophobia” that never existed.  It is clear that the radical left (like David Axelrod) and the Muslim Brotherhood (among other wealthy and insidious forces) combined to exercise vast power in American life, far out of proportion to their actual numbers.  In the African American community the rise of the Black Muslims, Malcolm X, and Louis Farrakhan extended the left-Muslim alliance into the black community.

All these African-American string puppets covered up the basic truth that African slaves were kidnapped by native chiefs and sold to (white) Arab slave traders in the thousands, to be shipped across the Atlantic.  Black slavery in Africa has always been run by Muslim raiders and traders, just as the Islamist gang Boko Haram in Nigeria today specializes in kidnapping hundreds of children from their homes to sell into sexual slavery.  African Americans can see on their television screens precisely what happened to their ancestors — and nobody seems to say a word about it.

Around the time of the collapse of the Soviet Empire and Communist China, Gulf oil regimes amassed immense power, both in wealth and in price-setting power on the international oil market.  If Jimmy Carter wanted to be re-elected in 1980, for example, he had to ensure that the OPEC oil price did not suddenly rise in the weeks before the election.

Islam has always been an imperialistic faith, from the first canonical version of the Koran, written down a few centuries after Mohammed.  Conquest by the sword, or by the threat of the sword, has been its most effective missionary tool.  What we see on the web today from ISIS and its criminal ilk has been a Muslim tradition for 1,400 years.  It is the Saudis who have spread Wahhabi war theology all around the world, not ISIS, not even the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.  The Saudis made it happen, and you can see their billion dollar hate campaigns on the outstanding website even today.  Today King Abdullah disclaims responsibility for ISIS, but he and his family started it all, along with the mullahs across the Gulf.

Muslim nations have always waged aggressive jihad at several levels.  When they could not coerce a neighboring tribe or nation into converting to Islam, they used all the methods that are so familiar from the history of conquest since ancient days: threats, bluff, propaganda, infiltration, blackmail, influence buying, mass migration, sabotage, and the like.  Yes, there were genuine high points of Muslim culture in history, influenced by the Persian and Byzantine Empires, for example, but these were destroyed after a few generations when the harsh and totalitarian priesthood took over again.  We saw the identical process happening in 1979 when Jimmy Carter allowed the primitive war cult of Ayatollah Khomeini to take over Iran, quickly destroying the flourishing and modern-minded era of the Shah of Iran.  Jimmy Carter and his national security Machiavelli colluded in turning over a flourishing Iran over to a primitive suicide cult.  Obama has just colluded in allowing them to develop nuclear weapons.

There is no serious question that the Democrats — after the Boomer Left took over — colluded en masse with the primitive political culture of radical Islam.  If we survive this period historians will pin the tail on the Democratic donkey: Carter, the Clintons and Obama were in tacit collusion with radical Islam, notably Khomeini in Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) in Egypt, Jordan and elsewhere.  It was the Ikhwan that assassinated President Anwar Sadat, an extraordinary patriot and the greatest peacemaker in history between Arabs and Israel.  Sadat’s successor President Hosni Mubarak was finally brought low by the Ikhwan, with the active and pernicious assistance of the Obama administration.  Only an extraordinary revolt of Egypt’s modernist elites was able to reverse the near-lethal damage Obama inflicted upon the peaceful trend in Egyptian politics.

The United States is therefore saddled with a double near-lethal political infection: The America-hating left, and their Islamofascist allies.  These forces are so strong that they hardly bother to lie about their intentions any more.

I can’t read Barack Obama’s mind, but there is no serious doubt that in his consistent actions he has served as an agent for the Left-Islamist subversive alliance in America.  In that respect he echoes European socialism, which has followed exactly the same set of priorities and policies.

In 1944 the United States avoided a Communist-inspired near coup d’etat, when Henry Wallace was dropped from the Vice Presidential nomination at the Democratic Convention in favor of Harry Truman, who soon inherited the presidency from ailing Franklin D. Roosevelt.  The American Labor movement split between pro-American and anti-American unions as part of that rending of the Left.  The AFL-CIO became a strong force for national unity, while others, like the International Longshoreman’s Union, stayed under Stalinist control.  At the same time Stalin exploded the first Soviet nuclear bomb, with plans openly stolen from the Manhattan Project.

Americans were scared.  The GI’s were just beginning to come home from Europe and Japan, and were in no mood to go to war again.  Stalin’s Bomb shook Americans awake, with a resulting furor against Communist-led unions, schools, universities, newspapers, and politicians.  The hard left was purged, and the country was saved.  The Left, which controls history teaching in American schools, calls this the McCarthyite period, with blacklists in Hollywood and Congressional hearings that lost people their jobs.  These days, under the taboos of PC we routinely fire, trash, scapegoat, and bankrupt people and corporations that do not, for example, agree to drop the name “Redskin” for a football team.  When it comes to the black arts of mob scapegoating McCarthy had nothing on the commissars of PC today.

Purges and scapegoating are bad.  But they are not as fatal to the life of a nation as the failure to recognize and mobilize against a clear and present danger to our national existence.

The next few elections will decide whether we are to survive as “a nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” Constitutional government in the world is only two centuries old, and the US Constitution is the longest-lasting and most benevolent one in existence.  Lincoln truly did not know “whether any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure.” In 1860 the Constitution was only seven decades old.  But today, under the combined assault of enemies domestic and foreign, we still cannot guarantee whether constitutional government will survive.  It has many, many enemies.

Ronald Reagan said that each generation must decide again to choose freedom or tyranny.  We are ultimately responsible for failing to teach our political history to our children, who are abysmally ignorant and misled.  The future of liberty, electoral legitimacy, political balance of powers and rationality is by no means assured.  Unlike the Founding generation, the generation of Lincoln, and the Greatest Generation of World War 2 our people today are steeped in folly and self-indulgence.

We can win against the Left-Islamist alliance just as we won the Cold War.  But so far we have done little but retreat in confusion, for lack of clear leadership and unity.

Today our future is as unsure as it was in 1944 when Harry Truman won the Democratic nomination for Vice President.  The Cold War ended two decades ago.  Today we must mobilize our resources for another life-and-death struggle or give in to the forces of barbarism.

The next elections will decide our fate.

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