Why did the fish cross the road???

Life in Oregon: In September 2013, we broke 140 year old rainfall records for the state. WhyFishWhen I wrote the above sentence, it was still raining hard, and the month hadn’t even ended yet.

Friends from Arizona and other places suggested we should get a boat. It sounded reasonable. Oregon friends even offered to take us out on their boats. I admit this might allow a different perspective, but do not think it would help the basic problem.


 Me, I blame Al Gore!!! Enjoy, and do feel free to share this. 

Today, hard rain, followed by sun. Do I dare venture out? Maybe. For now, I’m sitting here, staying dry and waiting for the proof of my new book, Soft Target, to come back from the publisher. There must be some way to put this stuff in a novel? Do you think?

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