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John D Trudel

John D Trudel

I write Award Winning Thriller Novels. My view is that the conflict between good and evil is eternal. That’s what I write. The Hero’s Journey to prevail against the DARK SIDE goes back to the very dawn of Western Civilization. We find it in Fiction and Myth, and we also find it in Non-Fiction and the real world.

My blog spans both. My core purpose is to collect, host and facilitate uplifting stories of GOOD PEOPLE who strive to do the right thing, often for a higher purpose and against the odds. The ethical setting is to frame mankind, and America, against absolutes for right and wrong like the tablets given to Moses. This is part of our culture.

*** Enemies are erasing our culture ***


Gift from a Vietnam Vet 2016. Footprints on the flag and the Bill of Rights being crossed out. Tyranny is afoot. We have treated our Vets shamefully. We can do better.

My friend’s painting captures the same patriotic sentiment as Johnny Cash did in his song “Ragged old Flag.” Link.

Uplifting examples of American Exceptionalism used to be common. We were the shining city on the hill. As a society and culture, we cherished Truth, Exceptionalism and Freedom. Now, some say, not so much.

“Politics is downstream from culture!” as Andrew Breitbart famously observed.

Books, Novels, and movies matter! Our stories are part of what made us great.

Consider the dark side of the loss of American National culture that has been unfolding in recent years. Blacks in 1964 generally had strong Christian families and improving fortunes. What happened after LBJ changed the culture in our big cities by massive Federal welfare programs? Death and decline. More Blacks died in Chicago during the Obama Administration than during the Vietnam War.

LBJ assured political power for the Democrats by creating ghettos. “I’ll have those ni**ers voting Democratic for 200 years.” Vote for us and you’ll get free stuff.

Today, 2017, Black families have been destroyed and their Christian values erased. The big cities are run by Drug Gangs and corrupt politicians; children are raised by single moms. The culture is violent Rap and Music Videos that glorify Cop Killing, abuse of women, knock out games, and, occasionally even videos of murder and torture.

Families where four generations have never had legal jobs are not uncommon. To this toxic mix, we are now adding illegal immigrants including jihadists sworn to destroy.

America’s big cities are run by Democrats. The squalor, murder, and violence is as bad as in 3rd world countries and war zones. The Democratic Party of John Kennedy is long gone, replaced by Progressives: Alinsky communists.

Saul Alinsky dedicated his book (first edition) to Lucifer. It’s a fitting dedication for a roadway to Hell.

The old America had a unique culture of honor and exceptionalism. We have a rich history of heroes standing firm and prevailing against odds. We honor our Founders and our Greatest Generation. We honor our legends and heroes, including in novels and movies.

Today, our elected officials have too often shifted from doing right to going along, or worse. Shifting blame is common.

This makes it hard to separate the good guys from the bad. We won the Cold War, but we let the losing side write the history of Vietnam. John Wayne died, and we abandoned American heroes in Benghazi.

“Words are what men live by…words they say and mean.”

John Wayne

A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.

General Dwight D. Eisenhower

“Our civilization depends on our culture and our heritage.”

President Trump in Poland 2017

Management Gurus (from Covey to Drucker and beyond) have documented the shift over the past several decades from 200 years of America’s “Character Ethic” to “Personality Ethic” leadership. We’ve allowed a place where false Gods are worshiped, where image surpasses content, and where greed and corruption go unpunished. Rock Stars have replaced builders and leaders. Government largess has replaced God.

Much of this viewpoint comes from Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. It does not come from the Bible, Jesus, or the Judeo Christian ethic that built Western Civilization.

“The end always justifies the means……… A lie is not a lie if it serves the greater good and furthers our cause.” — Karl Marx

Instead of “God Bless America,” we have ministers who scream “God Damn America” from the pulpit and high officials who conduct apology tours for our enemies.

“When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you… you may know that your society is doomed.”   — Ayn Rand


A Proud Heritage

We started America with “I cannot tell a lie.” Now we get sound bites from our leaders like, “What does ‘is’ mean?” or “What difference does it make?” Hollywood has nudged our culture toward the anti-hero, to where the star of a show may be a Mafia boss, Drug Dealer, or a Serial Killer. Contrast, say, Casablanca, High Noon, Star Wars, Lion King, Harry Potter, Rocky IV, or Gran Torino to what is popular today. One producer said, “Good Television is based on bad behavior.”

Indeed. So it is, but perhaps you are what you watch, and you are what you read. Scary thought, that.

We need our heroes

We need our heroes

If you prefer real heroes striving to solve problems, do right, and prevail against the odds, this blog may be a friendly place for you. If you prefer the alternate, you’d do better to look elsewhere.

My goal is to make this blog a watering hole for stories and examples of Freedom, a place where we can sit around the campfire and discuss inspiring examples with like-minded people. I collect such stories both real and fictional. I invite others with talent and achievement to participate and post here.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you come back, spread the word, and perhaps even contribute. Freedom Writers live!



38 Responses to Welcome

  1. Francis Sargeant says:

    I am very in tune with the general thrust of your blog. I will enjoy it in the future.


      • Neil Wampler says:

        Mr Trudel : Much appreciate your “Draining the Oregon end of the swamp”. I had to laugh on reading “Our little state is in for a wild ride” as my lawyer, Lisa Maxfield, predicted a “Mr Toad’s wild ride” as we were preparing for the first Malhure trial. She was right, in spades. Yes, I’m one of the original 7, exonerated in October of last year. I also stood a few feet away from Ammon on April 12 2014 when he told That Love “No ! YOU have to leave ! And was also a part of the Sugar Pine Mine action in Josephine County. Your article gives the big picture, but as one who was boots on the ground I have to say that you are a bit wooly on some of the important details. If you are envisioning a dramatization of Malhure in the form of a novel, you certainly will find wealth of material – Stienbeck’s “In Doubious Battle” comes to mind – but I hope your editorial stance resembles that of Catton or Ambrose. At any rate, I’ll be glad to discuss this Malhure Affair .

        • JohnEdits says:

          Sir —

          You were there and I was not. If you read the (far too lengthy — see link below) blog post that marked my prolonged involvement in the Burns issue, you can see the unlikely events that caused me (a Thriller novelist with Oregon roots) to start tracking this outrage and tyranny.

          I was stuck in Oregon during that stormy winter helping my wife recover from major surgery, when, in the middle of the night, the first report on the LaVoy shooting came in from one of my sources. It contained a link to the interview Victoria Sharp gave when she was released and running for safety.

          My humble effort that followed was just to collect, clip, and summarize reports from those closer to these events. I did it as honestly as I could.

          I had (and have) no expectation or desire to make money from reporting this. To the contrary, this has taken time away from my novels, collected trolls and enemies, and it was likely a factor in my being blacklisted on Amazon in 2016 — who at the time OWNED my ONLY publisher.

          (I’m still blacklisted, but I now have two other publishers and am happy to report that at least Amazon is still selling my novels. Others have been less fortunate.)

          I can assure you — been round that barn many times!!! — that I have NO INTENTION of writing a novel about this event. My novels are Thrillers with hopeful endings.

          It has been decades since I wrote non-fiction books or columns. There are other good writers better positioned and inclined to pursue and disclose the Tyranny of how the top levels of our government (Federal and State and local) were seduced into treating ranchers as terrorists, while aiding and abetting jihad by freeing real terrorists.

          I wish them the best. My posting and blogging about Burns was pro bono, not for any commercial or personal gain.

          If you have anything you wish to say about Burns, send me 700-1000 words and put it up as a comment under my main post about Burns (not here). If you have better sources about Burns please include them as links.


          It would be best to post your comments under that post, as it is the one that those interested in this subject are tracking. I think the most hopeful way to untangle this mess is to get all the records — especially the OSP records — made public. For what it is worth, my personal view is that this is a long way from being over and that Oregon’s corrupt Governor needs to be held accountable. She has blood on her hands.

          Any who wish are free to clip and post my blog posts. As an American, I am deeply saddened that there is a darkness on our land and I wish you well. I thank you for standing strong, Sir.

  2. Ellen says:

    I’m working to get my own thriller to market, so last year I read a great deal about “Writer’s Platforms.” One book suggested an author should look at the websites of established writers, so I looked at the sites for Patricia Cornwall and Dan Brown.

    Both writers establish mood with their sites. I’d like to think I did so with my own website (small bugle call here – perhaps fading to a sad bleat) at http://www.EllenKingRice.com

    I get that websites are different from blogs. But I am not getting a “mood” of “Good vs. Evil” from the banner photograph. I could be at a site for “Virginia B&B’s” or “Walking Cornwall” or “The Poetry of Orchards.” That said, I do like the ease of finding topics.

    It’d be great to hear about how Good Authors defeat the Malaise of Publishing. I’m having a hard time getting agents to get back to me (not even the “Thanks, but no Thanks” email).

    Oh, one more comment – apparently the story of George Washington and “I cannot tell a lie” was fabricated by a parson in the 1800’s to make a point of how important it is to be honest. (Parson Mason Weems). No kidding.

    • John Trudel says:

      Yes, history is hard to know, often disputed, and versions differ.

      The book “Sacred Fire” about Washington’s ethics and views was tedious, but is an interesting read that was cited back to original documents. Better yet, the “5000 Year Leap” — a book Reagan wanted taught in high school about why the private sector was key — was Most Educational. It comes in two different editions, but I found the original edition the most useful.

      Thrillers — in my view — by their very nature tend to overlap the good versus evil conflict, some more than others. I’ve known real heroes as close friends, but I’m NOT one of the Heroes I write about. These days I’m just a teller of tales, a novelist. I personally liked the image of a solitary person, walking, reflecting, and pondering how to craft the best books possible. We’ll see how people react.

      One of my friends, a Vietnam Vet who saw intense combat and won high medals, suggested I should use an image of Arlington Cemetery. Friends who’ve seen combat almost invariably say, “The real heroes are the ones that didn’t come back.” For me, the writing process tends to be peaceful, reflective, and introspective.

      To paraphrase Orwell, “We are blessed that rough men do violence in the night that we may sleep safely in our beds and write novels in peace.”

      The images on the covers of my Thriller Novels do tend to depict action along with violence or other strong emotions. “God’s House” had my protagonist with a gun in his hand, desperately turning to meet a threat. It won an award. I’m loving the cover of my about-to-be-released “Soft Target.” It’s a SPEC OPS novel. The cover depicts abandonment, with my character standing alone in a hostile land watching the last helicopter leave.

      Thank you for your comments and for reading. I wish you good luck with your books.

  3. Milton Franks-Lhermann says:

    Here’s wishing you a prolific and honored continuation.

  4. Joseph Badal says:

    John, great start. Love the welcome.

  5. Ed Eaton says:

    What a wonderful basis for a blog! Truth and honor is the basis for an existence of any worthwhile substance! Without it we are lost to all the evils of the world.
    All my best!
    Ed Eaton

  6. Excellent weblog! I actually enjoy how it is easy on my eyes and the information are properly composed.I am pondering how I may possibly be notified when a new submit has been manufactured.I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed which must do the trick! Have a good working day!

  7. Glaldys Carlsen says:

    I enjoyed your words John, telling why it is that you write your novels–good versus evil. Evil is fact. Just take a look at our world today.

    I for one loved the picture introducing your blog–it is inviting, as I believe your novels are “inviting” folks to read them–and perhaps learn a thing or two from fiction.

    I would like to see some words posted under “Novels” about your other two books. I am putting your latest novel on my Christmas list as I thoroughly enjoyed your first two books.

    Keep writing John!

  8. I like the idea you’ve got going there. Nice first blog. Wishing you luck.

  9. Jackie Todd says:

    Too often the honorable person walks alone . . . the opening picture of your blog is very appropriate.

    In your comments about ethics, I’m reminded that our kids (the future of our country) are being taught “situational” ethics in high school. Situational ethics? The world has turned upside down, John. Thank God for people like you who are fearless in presenting the truth . . . not just some version of the truth.

    I’m looking forward to reading your blog regularly and sharing it.


  10. Joseph Badal says:

    John: The entire site is first class. It’s comprehensive, well-written, and has great content. Congratulations.
    Joe Badal

  11. Hi fantastic blog! Does running a blog like this take a massive amount
    work? I’ve virtually no understanding of computer programming however I was hoping to start
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    Thank you!

    • john1994hero says:

      Thank you for the kind words. I’m pretty technically savvy, but am new to blogging. Hence, I’m not competent to advise you there. I suggest some basic books or talking with hard core bloggers. WordPress Revealed is a simple book about how it all works, and Blogging for Dummies is also one I’ve read.

      Good luck to you!!!

  12. Ernestina says:

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    • john1994hero says:

      Thank you for the kind words. Just Opt-In (see the page for details) and we will be in communication. If you are interested in my novels, go to my Author’s page.

  13. PB says:

    Blogs are good but they require that someone logs in, and with travel and work that can be difficult. EMail lists, on the other hand, deliver your thoughts and readers don’t need to log in.

    You have intelligent things to say, and they must be said. Someone needs to say it, and you do it well, and it may have become part of your mission in this world to make a statement that matters.

    The blog is good, but perhaps you can both the blog and the email lists concurrently?


    • John Trudel says:


      Thank you for the kind words.

      Good news: I now do what you wanted. I have a separate OPT IN for my mail lists.

      Those who choose to Opt-In to my Mail Lists will automatically be put on a list for private emails. These will get information that is not posted publicly on my blog. I put out a Newsletter roughly monthly, and also a few special “Alert Notes” on MAJOR ISSUES (e.g. Giving Nuclear Weapons to Iran) by email each year.

      Those who do not choose to Opt-In to my email lists, but still want notice of updates and new posts, should check out my RSS feed. It automatically sends notices out for new posts.

      There are “feed readers” that work on computers, iPads, and smart phones (Feedly is one). There are other web pages (like my Amazon authors page) already linked to my blog by RSS. I invite Fans out there with blogs or web pages to link to my feed. Thank you for your interest.

  14. Thank you for your post.Really thank you! Cool.

  15. Really enjoyed this article post.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

  16. Alex Johnson says:

    Excellent message, much needed these days and well said. I like the art too.
    Alex Johnson

  17. chuck moody says:


    Excellent on the flag!!!!!!

  18. Raymond says:

    Enjoyed your blog John, keep them coming!

  19. John Trudel says:

    “Politics is downstream of culture.” https://blog.johntrudel.com/

    One person on Twitter responded with this question:


    Kaiter Enless Retweeted John Trudel

    And culture is downstream of….?


    Excellent question. Honesty and integrity comes to mind.

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