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I write Thriller Novels. This blog is a watering hole for stories and examples of Freedom, a place where we can sit around the campfire and discuss inspiring examples with like-minded people. For more information please click the links at the bottom of this page. If you subscribe you will be on both my mail lists and my blog.

Why subscribe? Security, content, and value.

This managed blog is as secure as commercial technology can make it, a Troll-free zone with first-rate SPAM blockers. My lists are private and will never be voluntarily shared. There is no charge and you can Opt-out at any time. Trolls here will be suppressed. RSS feed is available.No bullying, self-promotion, incivility, or abuse is allowed.

Note: Even if you don’t sign up for my lists you can still get blog posts by my RSS feed, which is also linked on my Amazon Authors page. You can still view everything here, but a validation check [not archived] is required to comment on posts. There are free feed readers (Google Feedly for one) that allow you to get newsfeeds from the “cloud” on your computer, iPad, or smart phone.

What are the benefits of being on my mail lists?

1.    You will get notices of new posts, and be on my lists for secure private e-mails, often with content not publicly posted.

2.    You can comment on blog posts privately. (The form below is for public comments.)

3.    I will be hosting GUEST posts from published authors, thought leaders, and others with interesting, inspiring, educational stories on my lists. Some are already posted.

4.    Those who sign up will become active partners in evolving the content of this blog.

5.    There will be occasional special prizes and “free stuff.”

6.    I can do interviews and signings for your local events. I’m an instrument-rated pilot. I love to visit my fans in small towns. I do more signings at small airports and community events than I do at bookstores and libraries.

7.    I do periodic special promotions for my books. Those on my lists will get advance notice.

8. My fans and followers are a diverse group. When you signup for my Email lists, you can select options that let me know more about you and your interests. This allows you to collect what I send to you and how often I send it.

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5 Responses to Subscribe Page (Opt-in)

  1. Al Powers says:

    John: Great start for your site. Thank you for the invitation to join! AHP

  2. Matt Shea says:

    Great start John sign me up!

  3. SilverCat Kulwant says:

    Excellent! shall be getting one of your books soon!

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