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Notable & Quotable: Eric Hoffer on Israel, 1968

Eric Hoffer was a noted American writer, known as “The Longshoreman Philosopher.” Hoffer lived the old American Dream, prospered, and then left a legacy for up and coming writers. Writers like me. I am proud to report that my Thriller novels … Continue reading

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I am hosting two authors for my BLOG HOP TOUR.

Blog Hop Tour – August 11, 2014 – John D. Trudel In the tradition of novelists, my life has been a rich drama, always interesting, often rewarding, but sometimes balanced on the edge of tragedy. My short story is this: … Continue reading

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The ObamaCare-IRS Nexus. Game over, Tyranny wins?

This post is primarily sourced from a recent OP ED from Wall Street Journal. As Obama legislates with his pen and overreach by Federal Agency after Federal Agency combines, America is approaching the end game. Instead of the “Shining City on … Continue reading

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Dinesh D’Souza Book, Saul Alinsky revealed, and a guest post.

This note is a guest post for my friend Bud Burrell, a SPEC OPS Vet and respected financial advisor. Bud is in Arizona, and, with the recent cross-border invasion of illegal children and gang bangers, he has clearly had about all can … Continue reading

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A Black American Hero helped save our 2nd Amendment Rights.

This is a terrific story of an everyday American Hero. One aging Black Man stands up to Street Thugs, Chicago Politics, and the Obama Administration’s hostility toward the Second Amendment to regain the right to defend himself against South Chicago drug dealers, … Continue reading

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