A new REVIEW for Raven’s Run from leftist media

Raven's Run

Darkness meets Light

Trudel weaves together real and speculative elements in an alternate, secret history of the 20th century, detailing a decades-long battle for technological and ideological superiority. In the 1920s, aviator-turned-explorer Lt. George O. Noville goes on an expedition to Antarctica, with unexpected consequences. *

In (Trudel’s novel) a disgraced CIA operative is given a new identity as “Raven” and a new, covert mission: protect sexy, free-spirited Josie Lynch as she uses her psychic gifts to uncover secrets lost to history, starting with the truth behind Noville’s death in 1963.

As their investigation takes them across the world and through the years, they discover other secrets, such as who really killed President Kennedy, and attempt to thwart Iran’s development of a deadly new technology.

Once the duo settles into their mission, the narrative hits its stride and becomes a faster-paced, unapologetic adventure. However, Trudel still indulges in sections of exposition, courtesy of Lynch’s remarkably strong extrasensory perception.

Trudel’s story has a heavy right-wing slant, taking frequent jabs at President Obama. He also emphasizes that American public records can be abused by foreign intelligence operatives. Readers who share his views, however, are unlikely to complain. This adventure, first in a series, capably introduces its heroes and explores its take on the last century’s dark secrets.

Takeaway:  Trudel’s #Thriller novels appeal to readers who like military action, conspiracies, hard-bitten protagonists, and American exceptionalism.

Fans of #BradThor #BradTaylor #VinceFlynn, #TomClancy, #Orwell, or #Crichton should check them out.

* JDT note: Commander Noville, my uncle, and Admiral Byrd didn’t make it to Antarctica until after WWII. My novel did start with their transatlantic flight in 1927.

Booklife Reviews (Publishers Weekly)


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One Response to A new REVIEW for Raven’s Run from leftist media

  1. john1994hero says:

    Note: For those of you who are not authors or publishers, please know that a cultural war has been raging in Hollywood and the publishing industry. This is very dangerous, and it is one reason why I declined to have my review (excerpted above) published in Booklife Reviews (Publishers Weekly).

    The centers of publishing and movie making are cultural war zones, mostly controlled by Politically Correct radicals. This is a danger zone, one that hurts the literature of America and, indeed, all of Western Civilization. I recommend “Whose Stories Should We Read?” in the February 22-23, 2020 Wall Street Journal.

    Here are some excerpts:

    “It wouldn’t be surprising if literary fiction begins to head down the same path as young adult fiction, which several years ago embraced the institution of “sensitivity readers”—prepublication censors who are hired primarily to head off objections about a book’s handling of ethnicity and sexuality. In (some genres), it’s increasingly common for books to be canceled even in advance of publication on the grounds of cultural appropriation or insensitivity.

    Clearly, American literature is engaged in the same difficult debates over authority and identity that are convulsing American politics.”

    “The best antidote to such zero-sum thinking is to grow the pie—that is, to cultivate more and better readers. And an important part of that cultivation involves being open to stories that challenge our expectations. Literature thrives when readers have the confidence to encounter genuine difference, to hear all kinds of stories so long as they are well told. In this sense, a healthy literature and a healthy democracy may be more deeply connected than we usually think.”

    For more about this, please see my blog post “Burning Books in Cyberspace.”


    The “Civil War” I mention in the context of books and movies, is, of course, MUCH WORSE in “Fake News” and on Social Media. There we see rage, hate, and disinformation. The best selling book Triggered discusses this.

    Those who made it out of the old USSR knew better than to give credibility to such propaganda, but some Americans are still learning.

    Effectively, to hold power the radical left is engaged in an Information War using Alinsky tactics. Trump knows this and his tweets (which some deem as harsh) now enjoy a better following than cable or print media news. Here is a good link.


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