Goodbye Writer’s Digest. I’m sad, not mad….


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Dear Editor Moss:

I prefer to specify my own feelings rather than to have you assume, as you chose to do for the female long-time subscriber. She was “resigned, not angry,” you said, about the intrusion of politics into “even an innocuous magazine about writing.” That’s unlikely. I don’t consider WD harmless, why should she?

You canceled a WD interview simply because of your personal #MeToo editorial viewpoint? Without any evidence or justification? Wow. Not harmless, not innocuous. Dangerous and certainly not in accord with “innocent until proven guilty,” the core precept of our Western Civilization for centuries. I attribute your aggressive editorial positions as Political Correctness, ideology, not politics.

I suggest that most women – those who have sons, fathers, brothers, and even spouses – might deem your views as, ah, excessive…. The fact that social media (now notorious for censorship – see the Google memo) supports your PC viewpoint makes it worse, not better. Social media wants people to look different, but to think alike. Orwell would understand the danger of that. You obviously do not.

Your notion of “leveling the playing field” for the public good suggests you should re-read Ayn Rand, or perhaps ponder why free speech was made the first amendment. Once writers, authors, are constrained to not write what we choose, it all becomes pointless. If we are subject to self-appointed thought police, why bother?

I think publishing may be infected by “Hollywood think,” a cluster of insulated elites in decline who should perhaps have two-day events, one for Awards and one for their Political Convention. They drove out Clint Eastwood whose movies outsold everything else put together, but failed to win awards. And, as a novelist (yes, a white male – perish the thought), I would never ask you if it was OK for my novels to have a diverse cast. My casts are diverse and about half my readers are female. US Review of Books said that the lead characters in my Raven’s series “form one of the most interesting romantic pairings in the thriller genre.” I reject your “new normal,” Sir.

I will not be renewing my subscription.


John D. Trudel, Novelist

Guilty until proven innocent!

Fart Rape: Worse than Farting Cows?

***Spoiler Alert***

The antics discussed above at Writer’s Digest proved too much for even its loyal liberal/leftist readership. They replaced Editor Moss for his over-the top redirection of a writer’s magazine into to a scree for “Social Justice,” a platform for bashing straight White Males, and, in general, moving the magazine from advancing the art of writing into something else entirely, something political, something like Fake News. Leftist censorship and propaganda intended to divert and divide.

It was too little, too late. They never fired Moss, never published retractions or apologies, and never recovered from having their image tarnished. After almost 100 years as a respected writer’s magazine, Writer’s Digest filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March of 2019. In June they were acquired by a new parent company, Active Interest Media.

Is this significant? What does this portend for the 2020 elections? No idea, but it will be interesting to watch. These days I read Publisher’s Weekly. It seems to stay out of blatant political advocacy and it gives more attention to my genre, Thrillers.

THE NEW, SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE, RACISM IS TO TARGET STRAIGHT WHITE MALES, WITH John Wayne BEING THE POSTER CHILD. And, of course, to hate President Trump and any who support him 24/7/365. It’s all about hating and dividing America.

Candace Owens Retweeted Larry Elder:

From Brett Kavanaugh to Covington Catholic, to Gillette razors and the … it is UNDENIABLE that white, straight males have become the new target of acceptable hate and racism. ALL racism is unacceptable and Jussie should go to prison.

Feb 17

Democrats Hate Straight White Males

March 2019: Crazed liberals put white men in MAGA hats and leashes while marching them around Hollywood to be humiliated.

A New Class of Slaves?

The New Democrats

Big Brother Moss Speaks (for WD)

The Infamous February 2019 Issue of WD

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6 Responses to Goodbye Writer’s Digest. I’m sad, not mad….

  1. john1994hero says:

    I thought many readers must have objected to this Draconian editorial. I speculated that that WD might have fired Mr. Moss.

    The January issue, Volume 99, No 1 then appeared briefly on their web page. It said Tyler Moss had chosen to pursue other opportunities. It named a new Editor-in-Chief, a woman. When I checked later, I could not find the issue or who was their current Editor-in-Chief. Odd….

    Finally my March/April issue showed up. Mr. Moss was there, giving his parting column as Editor-in-Chief, fittingly it was titled Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit. From nothing comes nothing, or perhaps the reverse.

    Leftists are rarely held accountable for misdeeds. Scandals are common, but few care. A young Hillary Clinton was fired — by Democrats — from the Watergate Committee for lying.

    It mattered little to her colleagues. Facts matter to liberals less than feelings. Hillary prospered. The same with Bill and the “blue dress” incident. The same with Benghazi, Haiti, and more.

    Today the old Democratic Party is long gone, replaced by Socialist Democrats, Marxists, and worse. The 2020 election promises to feature hatred and anger not seen since the Civil War.

    Do read the toxic column by Editor Moss I posted here. It’s a keeper as an editorial page. I suspect demons, aliens or perhaps even Hillary herself spawned it.

  2. john1994hero says:

    For the first time in its history, the American Psychological Association (APA) says traditional masculinity is “harmful”. “Traditional masculinity – marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression – is, on the whole, harmful.”

    This is why the west is collapsing.

    GREAT ARTICLE!!! Women need to read this too.

  3. john1994hero says:

    Just as LBJ killed off the Black family structure, so does the #DeepState work to destroy two-parent families, replacing fathers with welfare.

    See #Obama propaganda film, Life of Julia:

  4. john1994hero says:

    “Toxic Femininity: “When a woman hits someone, be it a child, or a husband getting a slap, she tells them, “I love you and want you to be a better self.”

    “Totally the truth. The absolute worst sexual harassment and bullying I have ever received has been from women. Also, women are usually the ones who come to blows first.” #ToxicFemininity

    “There is actually a large feminist discourse on #ToxicFemininity which is quite interesting.”

    SOME OF THE POSTS ON UNDER #ToxicFeminity on Twitter. These were all posted by women.

    Men are, of course, more critical. It seems the gangs of angry women in pink pussy hats are fading from acceptability as a political tactic.

  5. john1994hero says:



  6. john1994hero says:

    Will the women who lied about Kavanaugh — under oath — finally see justice? Will they get jail time? Maybe.

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