The most hated Federal Agency is the IRS. Here is what private citizens can do NOW to make it comply with the law.

The most hated Federal Agency is the IRS.

The political class is now using the IRS to illegally control the outcome of elections. OMG, John McCain (aka “Songbird,” pardoned for Treason by Nixon) was behind it and it took us Trump and until 2018 to learn the truth!

BUSTED: Sen. John McCain’s Top Aide Coached the IRS and Lois Lerner on How to Harass & “Ruin” Conservative Groups

To be sure, there are other abusive, unaccountable bureaucracies that spark outrage. Travelers dislike TSA as much as IRS. NSA is scary, prompting visions of Big Brother and 1984. But if you sample average Americans trying to live normal lives, the IRS is by far the most feared and hated agency. Horror stories abound.

Is there anything in the Federal Government that is more disliked? There is. It is the other part of the problem. We have a Congress (both Parties) that shields, aids, abets, and empowers the IRS.


Politics and Drama trumps Justice and Accountability

This has long been tolerated by both parties. Congress gives tax loopholes and favored treatment to special interest groups, who then donate to incumbents desperate for funds to run their constant campaigns. They see Job #1 is to stay in power.

This is a  highly corrupting form of bribery. The “political class” serves the lobbyists, not constituents. Unfortunately, this is legal, pervasive,  and it can’t be fixed easily or soon.

What’s new and perilous, is using the IRS to illegally intimidate, silence critics, target political enemies, and rig elections. A growing number of Americans (both parties) are concerned about Obama’s abuses of power, but more blame Congress for abdicating its Constitutional Responsibility of checks and balances.

They are right to do so. Illegal IRS targeting of Obama’s opponents — this has been admitted during the 2012 elections helped his reelection.

“Americans like witches, the IRS, and even hemorrhoids better than Congress.”

Source: Public Policy Polling

HUGE NEWS. June 2019. After ten years, True the Vote finally prevails and is compensated for abuses inflicted by the Obama IRS. Will criminal charges follow? We can but hope.

Congress can be voted out, but the bureaucracies are entrenched and lack accountability.  The Federal bureaucracies have been “weaponized.” They are now being used illegally as attack dogs to advance political agendas and corrupt the election process itself.

The two most dangerous are the IRS and NSA. Polls indicate the following:

  • Some 72% of the public thinks that big government is the biggest problem we face.
  • 64-70% of the public thinks there is corruption at the IRS.
  • Over 60% think that IRS top officials were privy to the targeting of “political enemies.”
  • 76% (63% of Democrats) want a full and objective Select Committee investigation of the IRS. Few citizens are happy with the gaggle of Congressional committees purporting to investigate IRS lawlessness and misconduct, and few think any action will result or that anyone will face charges.

The NSA spies and gathers data to silence critics, but the major attack dog is the IRS. This has been much in the news. IRS is noted for attacking TEA Parties, but the truth is that hundreds (possibly many thousands) of other people – writers, candidates, reporters, True the Vote, and on and on, have seen attacks from government bureaucracies to intimidate and silence them. Surveys indicate that most people think judges and elected officials are being monitored. This is Tyranny.

ObamaIRSObamaCareSoon the IRS, thanks to ObamaCare, will be in the middle of everyone’s lives, with a core database of private information that tracks your financial records, tax returns, what groups you donate to, what books you read, and everything else about you. The Gestapo and KGB would be envious.

Obama’s, “There is not a smidgeon of corruption,” is the lie of the year, so far, for 2014. Bluntly, if we wish to have free elections in the future, we are going to have to put more oversight and accountability on both the IRS and NSA. Those who broke the law must be charged and punished.

We should start with the IRS, and now, before the election. One thing that ordinary citizens can do to move this forward is a FAX campaign from the US Justice Foundation. (Note: There is a nominal fee to send these FAXs, which may be tax deductible.)

Michael Connelly is a personal friend, a Constitutional Lawyer, and a Vet whose Dad was a hero at Bastogne in World War II. He came out of retirement to Chair USJF. Here is a link to have USJF send Faxes demanding a full investigation into the IRS. You can do more, but this is a good start.

WeaponizedWASHINGTON (AP) – “The Internal Revenue Service apologized for what it acknowledged was “inappropriate” targeting of conservative political groups during the 2012 election to see if they were violating their tax-exempt status.

IRS agents singled out dozens of organizations for additional reviews because they included the words “tea party” or “patriot” in their exemption applications, SAID LOIS LERNER, who heads the IRS division that oversees tax-exempt groups. In some cases, groups were asked for lists of donors, which VIOLATES IRS policy, SHE said.”

Information: A slow Lerner

Breaking News! IRS employee Lois Lerner, working with members of Congress, tried to get Obama’s DOJ and FEC to also target Tea Party Groups! This is chilling. The Federal Bureaucracies have been weaponized.

Here is an early timeline of the IRS scandal, which continues, and continues to expand. There are now TWO IRS scandals, both of which involve felonies: 1) Use of the IRS to target political enemies, 2) The Stonewall and cover-up — lying about this under oath, failure to respond to subpoenas, destruction of documents under “litigation hold,” etc.

MUST SEE: Catherine Engelbrecht’s Testimony about the IRS before House of Representatives:

In this video, Catherine Englebrecht tells how many times she was contacted by gov’t agencies and what they wanted to know. This is Tyranny.

“First they came for the non-profits….” What about all the OTHER PEOPLE being harassed by the IRS — like the ones who dared to report their tragic experiences under ObamaCare who are being audited?


Petition for Independent Prosecutor

Huckabee Calls It!

Huckabee Calls It!

Too bad for them. On March 26, 2014 IRS chief John Koskinen told the House Oversight and Reform Committee, testifying under oath, that it would “take years” (Read: “Never.” Not until after the 2016 elections.) to produce the subpoenaed documents for just the tax-exempt groups.

This was followed by the mind-boggling revelation that the IRS had “lost” the incriminating emails and subpoenaed documents.

The explanation given under oath for the IRS failure to produce subpoenaed evidence is preposterous. We are told that “the dog ate Lois Lerner’s emails.” They are gone. Poof. Then it ate the emails for 7 other persons of interest at the IRS, and now they can’t even find the dog. (It may have turned up in Alaska. “Disappearance” of evidence under subpoena has come up there at the EPA.)

This is now a bipartisan concern. As of late June 2014, 63% of the public wants IRS misconduct investigated, 76% wants the destroyed emails investigated, and 74% want accountability and punishment for those responsible. It will take an independent prosecutor to get to the bottom of this.

One American, Dr. Ben Carson, is resisting and speaking out in protest. He, his family, and his business associates were all targeted after he dared speak out about ObamaCare. Click here.

Late 2014 interviews:  a quick legal summary of IRS and DOJ abuses.


Some positive news: If you have been targeted by the IRS, you may be able to sue and collect damages. Litigation is in process. Please pass the word and sign their petition.

IRS Politicization Is Inappropriate in a Democratic Republic


My novel Privacy Wars predicted both the IRS and NSA scandals, and it won three national awards. Soft Target, my new Cybertech Thriller novel, continues to show that there is a lot of truth in fiction.

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